TM8254 Mobile Radio

It improves fleet and team effectiveness by placing vehicle communications into the hands of the user.


Mobile radio in the palm of your hand
The TM8254’s hand-held control head allows the angle and distance of the display to be positioned by the user for more accurate communication. Several remote mounting options provide greater installation flexibility, ideal for situations where space is alimiting factor.

Flexible installation
The hand-held control head isideal for covert installations. Theoptional break-out box and remote kit mean that the TM8254 can be located in the rear of the vehicle.

Engineered to be tough
The TM8254 and its hand-held control head meet stringent reliability specifications, including MIL-STD 810 C, D, E, F and IP54. These standards ensure performance and reliability are
never compromised.

AVl support
The TM8254 supports a standard polling vehicle location format and has a direct connect port for an external GPS receiver, allowing for the developmentof a complete AVL solution.

Fast switch between modes
Because the automated switch between trunked and conventional modes takes place rapidly, precious time is saved in emergency situations.


Spot Satellite GPS Messenger Features

  • Large LCD display – four lines of alphanumeric text
  • Six programmable function keys and alphanumeric keypad
  • 1500 conventional channels with built-in CTCSS and DCS
  • Data capable – supports 1200/2400 baud FFSK data as standard
  • Internal high speed data modem (12 kbps on NB channels/19.2 kbps
    on WB channels) (software option)
  • All MPT 1327 call types
  • Multiple network capability – up to four diff erent trunked networks
  • Voice inversion scrambling
  • Built-in MAP 27 interface as standard
  • Supports short data messages and ANI
  • Incoming calls can be queued for future reference and call back
  • Lone Worker function to improve worker safety
  • Multiple auxiliary ports and expansive internal options area
  • Direct connect GPS and GPS display option


  • SIze: 94 x 66 x 26 mm
  • Frequency range:    VHF: 66-88Mhz 134-174MHz 216-266Mhz
                   UHF: 350-400Mhz 400-470MHz; 450-530MHz
                   UHF: 762–776MHz 792–825MHz 850–870MHz 896–941MHzChannel Spacing 12.5 / 20 / 25kHz
  • Output Power 25W VHF/ UHF   25W  12W 5W 1W
                    40W UHF 40W, 20W, 15W,  10W
                    50W VHF 50W, 25W, 15W, 10WSensitivity 0.28μV (<-118dBm) for 12dB SINAD
  • Intermodulation 75dB 82dB
  • Power Supply 10.8–16VDC
  • Network Capacity 4 MPT 1327 Trunked Networks
  • 1500 Conventional Channels (simplex or semi-duplex)
  • 300 Scan/Vote Groups
  •  Dimensions of radio body (DxWxH)25W  7.3 x 7.2 x 2.8in (185 x 182 x70mm)
  •               30/35/40/50W  8.1 x 7.2 x 2.8in (205 x 182 x70mm)
TM8254 MPT/ Conventional