Surface Grille Lightheads

Australian Mobile Radio is proud to offer an extensive range of Surface and Grille mounted LED Lightheads. Designed to fit in tight spots or space limited areas, Surface and Grille mounted LED Lightheads provide an intense amount of light for it’s size. Suitable for any Emergency Response Vehicle, LED Lightheads provide an ideal solution for covert unmarked applications, Surface and Grille LED Lightheads can be mounted using license plate brackets, swivel brackets and L-brackets.

LED Lightheads come in all shapes and sizes, available in our famous 3, 4, 6 or 8 diode units. Our LED Lightheads are guaranteed to perform, as these high quality LED Lightheads utilise quality grade LED Diodes ranging from 1st to 3rd Generation LED Technology. Our FX series LED Lightheads incorporate the latest and brightest of 3rd Generation LED technology. Available in TIR or LINEAR Lens models, these LED Lightheads use High Intensity Super bright 1 Watt Diodes. For an all rounder and affordable lighting solution, we have an extensive range of LED Lightheads to suit all surfaces, grilles and brackets.

Surface and Grille LED Lightheads