IC-M801E cnt

MF/HF SSB Radio Telephone Long Range Communications.

MF/HF SSB radio telephone with class E DSC operations


IC-M88E Marine Transceiver Features

  • Built-in DSC (Digital Selective Calling) class C
  • Remote control head for easy install
  • Australian type approved
  • DSP (Digital Siginal Processing) for improved sound quality
  • Easy to us
  • ewater resistant desigen
  • 4 x 8 inch remote controller
  • large LCD with dot-matrix characters



  • output power 1.6-3.999MHZ 85W PEP 4.0-27.500MHZ 125W PEP
  • Receive 0.5 -29.9999 (continuous)
  • 1205 channels
  • Dimensions main unit 367(w) x 95(H) x260(D)
  •                         Controller 220(W) X 110(H) x 84.4(D)


IC-M801E cnt