IC-450 80 Channel UFH CB radio.

Next Generation UHF CB!

The IC-450 Radio is build with all controls on the microphone for easy to use and ease to see.
Voice Guidance which announces the channel type and number when you select a channel. The radio is small and compact for installations where you are limited for space. The main unit can be mounted out of sight. With a compact controller speaker microphone with newly designed user interface and menu structure.

IC-450 80 Channel UHF CB Radio

  • 5 Watts (High) and 1 Watt (Low) Selectable Output Power
  • 80 CB Channels plus up to 35 receive only Channels
  • Noise Cancelling Microphone Icom
  • Voice Recorder allowing up to 10 messages recorded with a total recording time of 5 minutes (30 seconds per message)
  • Built-in Speaker
  • 12 or 24 Volt automatically detected
  • Voice Guidance which announces channel type and number
  • Small and compact for installation
  • Main unit can be mounted out of sight
  • New design, compact control speaker microphone with newly designed user interface and menu structure


Frequency coverage

  • CB:476.425–477.4125 MHz
  • RX: 450.000–520.000 MHz (RX only)
  • Number of channels: Max 128ch/8 banks
  • Receiver [CB (476.425–477.4125 Mhz)]
    • Sensitivity (12 dB SINAD): 0.22 μV typical
    • Squelch sensitivity:0.2 μV typical (Threshold)
  • Transmitter

    • Output power: 5 W/1 W (selectable)
    • Modulation system: Variable reactance frequency modulation