Garmin nüvi

The office can now optimise, schedule and dispatch jobs to the vehicle the night before or at any time with the Pinpoint WebAVM software.

The Garmin nüvi Navigator will allow the driver to display, read, acknowledge and navigate to a job providing correct job details, best route to a job and real time updates on the progress of jobs.

The nüvi supports the driver whilst on the road by providing alerts for fixed speed cameras, school zones and red light cameras. The driver’s safety is further enhanced with hands free Bluetooth wireless connection to their mobile phone.

The combination of the Pinpoint Web AVM and Garmin nüvi Navigator delivers advanced features that will improve the safety, efficiency and accuracy of your mobile workforce

The key features of the system are:

  • Job Display & Navigation
  • Dispatch jobs to your fleet with easy to use web software.
  • Displays all jobs with the distance of each job from vehicles current location allowing the driver to do the closest job first.
  • Navigate to the job by pressing the go button no requirement for the driver to enter the address details.
  • Monitor the status of your jobs from your office when they are read, on route, regular ETA messages to the job and onsite.
  • Keep customers informed on location & timing of deliveries or service.
  • Detailed reports on vehicle delivery points, time at location, time sheet and route.
  • Driver alerts for speed limits, cameras and school zones.
  • Blue tooth support for hand free connection to the driver’s mobile phone.
Garmin nüvi