The Rebirth of the Two-Way Radio

In the not too distant past, before the advent of mobile phones, the internet, and social media, two-way radio equipment was a real must have item. This change quickly with the developments in those other technologies, but two-way radio is on the way back. Here are a few reason why two-way radio equipment is making a comeback.

Over and Out

The popularity of two-way radio equipment seemed to come and go faster than the blink of an eye. One second it was all the rage and then the next it was like two-way radio had never even existed as everybody just had to have a mobile phone to cover all of their communication needs.

Of course, two-way radio equipment is never going to catch up with the mobile in terms of modern day usage, but it is living a bit of a resurgence never the less. Here are a few of the main reason why.


Imagine the scenario, a mum and her daughter are out shopping at the mall. The girl is only young but she wants to have a bit of freedom when she goes out into public. Mum isn’t sure but they reach a compromise by both carrying some two-way radio equipment. This way they can be in constant contact. Mum feels confident in letting her little one have her limited freedom. And the daughter feels like she is finally growing up a bit. Two-way radio equipment makes this happen simply by allowing them in contact just through the pressing of one simple switch.


Mobile phones are great but they can be worrying for parents with small kids as you just can’t completely control who is getting in contact with them through their mobile. With two-way radio equipment this problems is solved, as you know you are the only one who is getting in touch with them to see where they are and what they are doing.


Apart from the initial outlay on the handsets there are no additional costs involved in using two-way radio equipment. You are able to keep in contact the way you would like without having to worry about how much it is all costing you.

The reasons listed above all use the example of a parent and their child but two-way radio equipment can be used in similar ways, and for the same reason, by many groups. Two-way radio equipment could be particularly useful for carers looking after the sick or elderly who don’t want to feel like they are imposing themselves all of the time over those who are in their charge. Two-way radio equipment allows you to keep your distance without ever actually losing contact.

Two-way radio equipment also has a lot of obvious potential in a whole host of other work situations. The mobile phone is here to stay but it definitely looks like the two-way radio is well on its way back.

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