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How to Install Two Way Radio

Two way radio installation is not such a simple process as it might seem from the outside. Here is a simple break down of some of the most important things that you need to be aware of before you think about heading down this route.

In this guide we are basically looking at the factors involved in two way radio installation in a vehicle, particularly with relation to taxis. In this scenario the first and foremost consideration before any other is to make sure that the radio the two way radio installation is done in such a way that it could never cause any harm to the driver.

The best option is to locate the two way radio to the side of the driver but with the actual radio facing towards the driver so that there is no difficulty with the driver hearing what is being communicated across the radio. This secure out of the way position makes sure our safety concerns are covered whilst communication should also be easily made between the dispatch office and the driver.

The next thing to consider during two way radio installation is where to put the aerial. As with most people, a lot of drivers want their aerial to look good on the car, but this is not always ideal in terms of range. A short, low gain aerial will look smart but a longer high gain will give you better coverage. The best actual position to put the aerial is right in the middle center of the car but this often look a bit silly so driver tend to put it in other locations. If you don’t opt for the middle center of the vehicle, it is probably best to place your aerial in the middle front, or you can place it to the side if you are suing a long, high range aerial.

It is essential that you install the power supply properly when it comes to two way radio installation. The best source of power is your car battery but this must be connect properly or you run the risk of serious problems if you don’t get this fitted professionally. A poorly fitted cable could see a short circuit of all your electrical systems, or a fire in the worst case scenario. Get this job done by a reputable mechanic and you’ll have nothing to worry about.

There are a wide range of radios on the market for taxi drivers but these will usually be provided by your company, unless you are looking to go it alone. There are great deals available on the market right now for those looking to get into the business but as with everything in the two way radio installation process, make sure that you don’t cut corners, or it is your pocket that will come to regret it later on.