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GPS Tracking; Why do I need it?

Not too long ago the very idea of having GPS tracking in your car would have seemed futuristic and far fetched, but it has very quickly become the norm in most new models. Here are some reasons why for those still to be convinced of its value.

Where are we?

Long gone now are the day where a car journey to a new part of the world would result in hours of driving round and round after missing the right turn. With the advent of GPS tracking, all cars fitted with a navigation system can get assistance from space when it comes to visiting that auntie out in the sticks who you haven’t seen for years.

This technology has its most obvious use when it comes to helping you find the right road, but it also has a whole host of other advantages that you might not have thought about up until now. Here are some of the biggest ones.


The fitting of GPS tracking in your car, or GPS tracking for fleet cars if you own a business, is a great way to ensure that you get your car back in one way piece if it is ever stolen. Of course there is no guarantee that this will be resolved successfully but it dramatically cuts the chances of you having said bye bye to that car forever if somebody gets their sticky fingers on it.


This might be a little bit sensitive but sometimes you do need to keep a check on what all of your employees are doing in company vehicles. GPS tracking for fleet cars means that you can check just how many unnecessary detours your drivers are making when they should be getting something from A to B for you. Companies looking to take up this particular option would be best not to mention it to the drivers concerned as there have been examples of some workers taking exception to what they see as big brother treatment. If you’ve got nothing to hide, though, then it should not be any problem for anybody.


In instances where you have a number of cars, GPS tracking for fleet cars can allow you to make comparisons on their maintenance and upkeep based on the data that you receive in relation to the miles and journeys that specific cars make. This kind of key data can help you when it comes to buying decisions in the future and it also help you understand the minor details that go in to making the whole in how your business works at a step by step, functional level. This factor might be taking things in a slightly high-tech direction, but remember what people said about GPS just a few years ago. Pigs might fly one day too!