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How to Buy a Radio Station

Radio is one of those romantic bastions of culture that lives strong today but which also reminds of a more simple past. For those looking to invest in a new business, the possibility of buying a radio station is a very real one. Just remember that the costs are going to stretch quite a way beyond the radio station equipment.

Patrolling the Airwaves

Whether you simply love radio and all the connotations that come along with it, or you feel that there is a gap in the market that you could take advantage of financially, the buying of a radio station is an exercise that is actually a lot easier than you might have thought.

It’s a bit more complicated than buying the radio station equipment and getting started, but it can definitely be done. Here’s how.

Find a Broker

If you are interested in buying an already established station, the first step is to seek out a broker who will know who is selling and who is not. The radio industry can be quite secretive and stations don’t often make it public knowledge that they are looking for a buyer. These guys will be able to point you in the direction of those who are.

Check Yourself

A radio station is a great idea for those with a passion for the industry but it may not be the smartest investment in financial terms right now. Apart from the radio station equipment that often needs updating and maintaining there are a whole load of other costs that will start to come your way once you receive the keys to the door.

Have a Punt

Once you’ve checked all of your own boxes, it’s time for you to get out there and put a bid in on a station. The radio industry is not enjoying its greatest period at the moment so you do have an advantage when it comes to doing the deal. Never bid more than 90% of the quoted price and go even lower if you know that the station has been on the market for a while without any takers.

Give it the Once Over

Once you’ve started the potential buying process it is essential that you get a professional engineer in before you commit to handing any money over. Some stations that are looking to sell will have been getting by on radio station equipment that is on its last legs. You need to be fully aware of these facts as it will dramatically affect the price you should be willing to pay.

Get Legit

If everything goes according to plan, and the sale goes through, you still won’t be able to start using your newly acquired radio station equipment until you have got all of the correct certificates from the authorities. The responsibility of running a radio station is no joke and so there will be a lot of bureaucratic procedures that you have to go through before you can play the song that will be the best one you have ever heard in your whole life!

The Benefits of GPS Tracking

GPS tracking vehicle configuration may seem like an unnecessary luxury to get fitted onto your car, or fleet of cars, but it actually has a lot of benefits that you may not have considered yet. Here are just a few of the more obvious ones.

Becoming the Norm 

GPS systems have been flying around up in space since the 70s but it is only now that they are coming to be considered as an integral part of daily life. Most forward thinking companies already employ the pin point comms that come along with GPS tracking vehicle systems in their fleet of cars and vans, but some others have been caught out and are still undecided about the benefits. For those who are still sitting on the fence, here is a look at exactly what it is that you are missing out on.


The use of GPS tracking vehicle technology goes a huge way to making your business work smarter and more cost effectively. In industries where cars or trucks are called out instantaneously to customers, GPS tracking lets the routing office see exactly where all the vehicles are and send out the one that is closest to the desired pick up or drop off point.

Customer Service

As technologies improve so to do people’s demands of businesses. By employing GPS tracking vehicle technology a business is able to considerably improve customer service, especially in delivery, as you are able to keep your customers up to date with exactly where their product is as it makes its way to them.

Cash Money

The cost of installing GPS tracking vehicle systems can soon be recouped in the savings that can be gained on insurance policies. Vehicles that use the pin point comms used in GPS technology are much better protected than those which don’t and so the insurance policies comes down as a result.

Go Green

With the environment never far from people’s mind it is always of benefit to your organisation if you are able to make a big deal about how you are working to reduce your carbon footprint. GPS tracking means that you are fully informed about exactly where all of your vehicles are at all times. This information allows you to formulate systems which maximise your vehicle use, saving you money and protecting the environment all at the same time. Perfect!

The benefits listed above are just a few of the advantages that come along with the pin point comms that are at work when you use GPS tracking vehicle technology. It is important that you get off that fence quickly and open your eyes to the real difference GPS can make to the way your company works. Your competitors are already using it, so you better get on board before you become insignificant.



GPS Tracking; Why do I need it?

Not too long ago the very idea of having GPS tracking in your car would have seemed futuristic and far fetched, but it has very quickly become the norm in most new models. Here are some reasons why for those still to be convinced of its value.

Where are we?

Long gone now are the day where a car journey to a new part of the world would result in hours of driving round and round after missing the right turn. With the advent of GPS tracking, all cars fitted with a navigation system can get assistance from space when it comes to visiting that auntie out in the sticks who you haven’t seen for years.

This technology has its most obvious use when it comes to helping you find the right road, but it also has a whole host of other advantages that you might not have thought about up until now. Here are some of the biggest ones.


The fitting of GPS tracking in your car, or GPS tracking for fleet cars if you own a business, is a great way to ensure that you get your car back in one way piece if it is ever stolen. Of course there is no guarantee that this will be resolved successfully but it dramatically cuts the chances of you having said bye bye to that car forever if somebody gets their sticky fingers on it.


This might be a little bit sensitive but sometimes you do need to keep a check on what all of your employees are doing in company vehicles. GPS tracking for fleet cars means that you can check just how many unnecessary detours your drivers are making when they should be getting something from A to B for you. Companies looking to take up this particular option would be best not to mention it to the drivers concerned as there have been examples of some workers taking exception to what they see as big brother treatment. If you’ve got nothing to hide, though, then it should not be any problem for anybody.


In instances where you have a number of cars, GPS tracking for fleet cars can allow you to make comparisons on their maintenance and upkeep based on the data that you receive in relation to the miles and journeys that specific cars make. This kind of key data can help you when it comes to buying decisions in the future and it also help you understand the minor details that go in to making the whole in how your business works at a step by step, functional level. This factor might be taking things in a slightly high-tech direction, but remember what people said about GPS just a few years ago. Pigs might fly one day too!

The Rebirth of the Two-Way Radio

In the not too distant past, before the advent of mobile phones, the internet, and social media, two-way radio equipment was a real must have item. This change quickly with the developments in those other technologies, but two-way radio is on the way back. Here are a few reason why two-way radio equipment is making a comeback.

Over and Out

The popularity of two-way radio equipment seemed to come and go faster than the blink of an eye. One second it was all the rage and then the next it was like two-way radio had never even existed as everybody just had to have a mobile phone to cover all of their communication needs.

Of course, two-way radio equipment is never going to catch up with the mobile in terms of modern day usage, but it is living a bit of a resurgence never the less. Here are a few of the main reason why.


Imagine the scenario, a mum and her daughter are out shopping at the mall. The girl is only young but she wants to have a bit of freedom when she goes out into public. Mum isn’t sure but they reach a compromise by both carrying some two-way radio equipment. This way they can be in constant contact. Mum feels confident in letting her little one have her limited freedom. And the daughter feels like she is finally growing up a bit. Two-way radio equipment makes this happen simply by allowing them in contact just through the pressing of one simple switch.


Mobile phones are great but they can be worrying for parents with small kids as you just can’t completely control who is getting in contact with them through their mobile. With two-way radio equipment this problems is solved, as you know you are the only one who is getting in touch with them to see where they are and what they are doing.


Apart from the initial outlay on the handsets there are no additional costs involved in using two-way radio equipment. You are able to keep in contact the way you would like without having to worry about how much it is all costing you.

The reasons listed above all use the example of a parent and their child but two-way radio equipment can be used in similar ways, and for the same reason, by many groups. Two-way radio equipment could be particularly useful for carers looking after the sick or elderly who don’t want to feel like they are imposing themselves all of the time over those who are in their charge. Two-way radio equipment allows you to keep your distance without ever actually losing contact.

Two-way radio equipment also has a lot of obvious potential in a whole host of other work situations. The mobile phone is here to stay but it definitely looks like the two-way radio is well on its way back.